Transform your career with Hack Upstate.

Careers in Code is a coding bootcamp that teaches computer programming to women and minorities to help combat poverty in Central NY. We provide students with the technical skills they need to obtain internships and entry level software development jobs with local employers after 24 weeks of instruction.

Poverty throughout Central NY is rising at an accelerated rate and stifling our region's economic potential.

There are few opportunities for women and minorities to advance in concentrated areas of extreme poverty.

Many Central NY employers struggle to find local software developers.

Software developers are critical to your organizations' growth, but at this time our regional talent pool isn't large enough to support your needs.

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The rise of coding bootcamps throughout the country reflects the shortage of adequately trained software developers graduating from universities and the relative demand for them from the technology sector.

The reason coding bootcamps have proven effective over the years is because they provide vocational training at a fraction of the cost of a college degree. Not only that, their curriculums are centered around the core elements of computer programming that are directly tied to current market demands. This makes coding bootcamp graduates appealing job candidates to employers.


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Transform your career. The average salary for coding bootcamp graduates according to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting is $53,273.


Calling all Central NY software developers. We want to hire you! Join us in our mission to combat poverty and train our region's next crop of software developers.


Now more than ever software developers are critical to the growth and sustainability of your company and our local economy. We want to help you grow locally!

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